Dave Nicol – 524ci B.B.O.

If you are a fan of vintage Oldsmobile muscle cars and you are looking for a trusted source for mechanical repairs and Oldsmobile specific performance engines then you should strongly consider the services of Wayne & Fran Joss of Joss Technical Ltd. in Lethbridge Alberta.

From basic tune-ups to complete engine designs and builds Joss Technical can handle your project in a timely fashion at competitive prices. They offer years of performance-engine building experience with both street and drag oriented engine builds, and they back up their horsepower claims with dyno proven power. To ensure your ride is tuned perfectly Joss Technical’s chassis dyno service will tune your car to its fullest potential.

I have known Wayne & Fran Joss for five plus years and our business relationship extends beyond the track to a genuine friendship. I trust Joss Technical with my hard earned money to build durable performance Oldsmobile engines for street and strip. You won’t be disappointed if you make the same decision.

David Nicol (aka…”Oldsmobile Dave”)


Arlo Neufeld – 500ci B.B.M.

Dave Nicol – 524ci B.B.O.

Jason Caruso – 434ci S.B.M

John Williamson – 540ci B.B.C.

Dave Nicol – 470ci S.B.O.


Engine Dyno Services

Dynocom Chassis Dyno

Cylinder Head Porting & Flow Testing

Design Build of Specialty Engines

Custom Internal Engine Component Design

Design & Fab of Aluminum Sheet Metal Intake Manifolds
May 2018
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